Spring Street, Manhattan in Spring (photo:  Richard Tayson)

Spring Street, Manhattan in Spring (photo:  Richard Tayson)

In editing poetry and nonfiction, I bring a writer's eye to bear on the writing of others in order to prepare and hone manuscripts for publication.  Based on the writer's stated goals, I engage in both line-by-line editing, as well as more general work aimed at structural concerns.  I give detailed written feedback and suggestions about the work.   I am an objective and discerning reader who pays close attention to cohesion, structure, necessary cuts as well as possible further development.  My aim is to preserve the integrity and spirit of each work that I read, and to offer comments for enabling the work to appear in its best version to potential publishers.  I often make suggestions for further reading as well as competitions and / or magazines in which the work may find a home.

I work on only one project at a time and do not multitask.  I aim to focus all of my attention to those who trust me with their written work.  I give detailed written feedback on manuscript pages and suggestions about the work.  Past sessions include reading poetry manuscripts in preparation for contest submissions, nonfiction works, including memoirs, and more academically-targeted works.  I have also been successful in helping college applicants place themselves in the college of their choice.  I have worked multiple times with numerous authors. 

In terms of manuscripts, I thoroughly edit the manuscript then schedule face / phone time with each author to discuss my editorial suggestions.  Turn-around time from receipt of manuscript to conversation about the MS is 7-21 days, depending on length, style, and genre.  Sessions can be done via phone conversations or, if the author is located close to Manhattan, person to person (which I prefer).  I meet with the author to discuss my editorial suggestions (phone meetings for those who live outside of the New York area).

The process is similar for college applications, in that I am aware of the application at the level of language, content, and expressive value.  In all college applications, I attempt to help cast the widest net possible, so as to increase acceptance in what is becoming an increasingly competitive endeavor. 

To make further inquiries or to schedule an editorial session, please submit the form on the Contact page.  I will respond promptly to all inquiries.